Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mini Session: Seidl Family Portrait

Ho Ho Ho!

Its that time of year... family portraits for holiday and new years cards and I must say I'm so thankful for the blessing of a camera during the holiday season. To capture the joy of family together, silliness, Santa, the whole nine yards. It is always a little crazy to photograph a big group but it gets even more tricky when the photographer (me!) must be included. Somehow, we managed to get some great ones of all 13 of us!


The surgeon general just issued a warning on Bill & Jeannie house so if you come over, don't drink the water!!

You've been warned ;)

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby in the Belly: Liz Maternity (Mini Session)

This was a mini session for their holiday card and we had a lovely little time and what fun to have baby Mia star on her first holiday card!

Lots to be Thankful for,



Sunday, December 1, 2013

Every Day Life Session: The Seidl Six

Over Thanksgiving weekend I was assigned a challenging task...

I capture these two, particularly favorite people of mine, with their own personal family baby boom. Last year this time they had two grandchildren and this year it is a whole new ball game!

I joked with Jeannie that come February (when #6 is due) I'm going to find her suffocating under a pile of babies! She joked back, "Is there a better way to go?!"

I know I'm partial but she cracks me up.

It got a little hairy there for a bit with Samuel being upset but we sure did have a good time.

Right now there are five but come February, baby girl Mia will make it six... You better grow another arm Bill!

Happy Thanksgiving,