Friday, January 30, 2015

Newborn Session: Baby Thomas

Baby Thomas,

Good morning beautiful boy! You sure were a breeze during our session, you even slept and smiled, you tiny stud muffin you. It was really fun to get to be with you all that day because you were up for anything and even willing to brave the fairly chilly weather, which was wonderful.

I really strive to have multiple "scenes" within the same session and that isn't always an easy request with a newborn, especially in January.

It was also special because I got the chance to work with the elusive model Luca. She's a Great Dane and one heck of a dog Mama. I wanted to thank you Jose for working with her so we could get her in the session. She is a really beautiful dog and although it was probably more irritating than entertaining for you, I love the few pictures we were able to get with her.

Congratulations on your new family Jose and Amanda, he's beautiful. The warmth and joy a new baby brings to a home is infectious and although sleepless nights accompany that precious package, I know seeing that face in the dim light of night is one of life's sweetest moments. 

Enjoy your easy teeny tiny mini man, he's is obviously very well loved and he knows it,



You're one proud Mama Luca. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Everyday Life Session: The Reeves Family

I want to write lots here but I'm short on time (driving to church!) yet I'm so excited for Rhonda and James to see their sweet photos! It was freezing that day, so much so that my hands were beat red and my poor shooting finger had a hard time bending!

It was a lot of fun and what a gorgeous family, just check out all their adorable children.

Thanks for including me in your family for a while,



Friday, January 16, 2015

Newborn Session: Baby Zoe


I mean nothing will make you want more babies than having an awesome, laid back, great sleeping, calm firstborn. Watch out Will and Addison... she got you.

You guys are going to have a boat load of kids ;)) Just kidding, but maybe not!

Baby Zoe is a total keeper, let's be honest what newborn isn't. Yes, we keep even the fussy, gassy, sleeps only 1-1 1/2 hours at night babies (just ask Liam). But that Zoe girl, she's pretty niffy and I must add, squishy, sweet, and don't even get me started on the hair!

You guys did good and I had fun spending time together taking some pictures of her for you. You have a beautiful family, congratulations. Soak in that newborn loveliness, it's the best.

Enjoy her and these,


I see a baby announcement in this photo's future :) Yes Will, you're awesome. I said it! PS. Love the reflection. Totally adds to the look you were going for ;)