Monday, March 23, 2015

Family Session: The Smiths

I have this weird infatuation with Kirby and I must say I have always loved Dane, of course Jeremy is great too, he's no dud.

I remember Kirby bringing Dane over when he was itty bitty and all sorts of gassy baby. We shared thoughts, remedies, mama gassy baby woes. I must say this birthday boy is a looker and I literally stopped and kissed on him I think three, maybe four times and lavished my own mama love on him. You will see why... the little stinker is a serious doll, super silly and the toothy grin! I can't help it, I have to chew and kiss on him when he is near.

All this to say, Kirby, I felt so privileged you asked me to take some photos for you. I can't help but be a little partial but they turned out so wonderfully. I love Dane. love him. You look incredible pregnant and thinking about your new baby has actually gotten me more excited for our own as strangely as that sounds.

I know two little people this close in age will be challenging but honestly anytime you add another baby it's a challenge. You two have so much adoration and care for Dane, the pictures show it so obviously, that it will all come naturally and work out perfect.

Enjoy this sweet time and these,


See you soon Smith baby #2 :)