Saturday, November 23, 2013

Every Day Life Session: Papa & Gigi

These were taken on a super short timeline but you can see how much fun these two g-parents are even in the handful of photos I share with you here.

Love the wiped off kiss Papa.

Seidl Twin Newborn Session

September 21, 2013

These beautiful babies were 6 days old and seriously sweet. The newborn stage is so wonderful and can be tough and I've only done it one baby at a time. The calmness, and joy that Mike and Amber's home held was honestly not only impressive but encouraging. Their children are happy, healthy and what love and joy they had for not only their children but each other.

This gallery had 120 photos in it so I had a hard time choosing my favorites!


Babies in the Belly Session: Amber Maternity

Love this beautiful girl. She is my sister-in-law of my eldest brother and yes she is carrying two babies and looks like a rock star at the same time.

These were taken about 2 weeks before Amber's due date.