Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why? Plus A Few of My Favorites

Let's be honest. I'm a wife and Mama first and a photographer second. Therefore, most of my photos are of my people. My little ones, my family, extended family, and dear friends. I in no way dream to build a booming photography business and I don't desire to take business from photographers I admire.

However, I do know, from experience, that our family/newborn session ended up costing us over $600 for the sitting fee and 30 digital prints. I wanted all 90 of the photos in our gallery but I was not willing to lay down the cash to get them. I adore the photos from that session and if I could afford have my photographers out every year I would!! But, I can't spend that type of money every year on photos of us let alone every 6 months and I know this seems silly but I like getting us all dressed up and taking family photos about 2 times a year.

So, I make myself available to those I love and any referrals they send my way because these times are precious and must be documented!

I feel like I somehow climbed on top of a soap box just then so now I shall now step down.

If you would like a crazy amazing true blue professional photographer(s) for your wedding, baby, and beyond leave me a comment and I will give you my recommendation for our area.

I took this photo and Ginger Ivey edited for me. This was my first newborn session. My first baby.


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